Pride Maastricht 2023

Pride is a Protest on 29 June 2024

The organisation of Pride Maastricht is formed by various activists, feminists and queer people from in and around Maastricht. Some of these people are representatives from other organizations and associations active in our city.

We honour the roots of Pride and focus on being as inclusive as possible, therefore Pride in Maastricht is still a Protest. We as an organisation have the following principles:

  1. Pride is a Protest
    Pride started as a protest in Stonewall (USA) in 1969. This uprising was the start of a worldwide gay liberation movement. And as long as LGBTQIA+ people are still being oppressed and marginalised, we should keep Pride a Protest!

  2. Inclusive
    We aim to organise a Pride with the most marginalised voices in our LGBTQIA+ community in mind. We attempt to create a safer space for the marginalised groups within our LGBTQIA+ community. Since most of our events take place in public spaces we cannot prevent racist, right-wing or homophobic people from joining, but we will report them so they can be removed.

  3. Community and Solidarity
    As mentioned before, the organisation of Pride Maastricht is already embedded into the activist community in Maastricht. We also aim to create a safe space during Pride where people can bond, find new friendships and have a feeling of belonging.

    Since Pride Maastricht started with activists from the Black Lives Matter movement, solidarity is at the core of our organisation. Solidarity is a recognition of the fact that when marginalised communities channel our collective power, we are stronger than ever! So during Pride, let's remember that none of us are free until all of us are free. And let's raise our voices until we have built a brighter, safer future for those of us who are most marginalised and exploited.

  4. No Rainbow-capitalism
    Honouring the origin of Pride, for us, also includes the rejection of the capitalisation of Pride by companies. Pride should be about activism not about consumerism. Ultimately, rainbow capitalism makes Pride less about protests, rights, and freedom and instead becomes a way to turn a profit. Therefore our Maastricht Pride is a community funded Pride.